Immortalize life’s precious moments with custom products from The Bronzery

Estava Morioka March 24, 2013 0
Immortalize life’s precious moments with custom products from The Bronzery

Immortalize life’s precious moments with custom products from The Bronzery

Have you ever wanted to show off the treasured moments from your life and display them proudly about your home or place of work? Visit the Bronzery to purchase custom made items such as bronze baby shoes and hard hats to commemorate your accomplishments or immortalize your life’s precious moments. This online retailer specializes in the process of bronzing items of personal significance and turning them into works of art that will last a lifetime. Their process is straightforward, simply visit the website and pick out what you want, print out your order confirmation and send it in with your items that you wish to have bronzed. After your items are received by the company, they will then begin the process of coating them in multiple layers of high quality copper metal. After your items are coated, they will then polish them to a shiny and lustrous finish. You will then received your finished items within four to six weeks which will be ready for display wherever you choose.

The store offers a number of products ranging from sports memorabilia such as gloves and balls to decorative items such as boots and shoes. Proud parents whose children have flown the coop or new parents alike can click to purchase bronze baby booties to remember the trials and triumphs of raising a child. These, along with other items such as hand and foot castings can make great gifts from children to their parents. Rather than store your memories in a box where they will gather dust, why not display them in a manner where they will be admired for years to come.

The store also offers a number of products to commemorate life events that happen much later in life, such as new jobs and retirement. Armed forces units or command officials can click to order gifts for departing personnel who have contributed years of active duty service. Such items available include bronzed combat boots in appreciation of service during a deployment abroad or military covers for time served on a ship or submarine. Law enforcement and firefighters can also purchase items such as mounted helmets and boots to show off to friends and family or display proudly in their office. To browse the full selection of military retirement gifts, click here for more selection.

To find out more about the bronzing process, or to consider ordering your own special items, visit their website to browse a wide selection of items ranging from baby products to military memorabilia.

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