Vote Reusable Bags to Replace Plastic

Estava Morioka January 29, 2013 0
Vote Reusable Bags to Replace Plastic

Vote Reusable Bags to Replace Plastic

Every person in the world eventually ends up with plastic grocery style bags in their house. Grocery stores and department stores are now using these type bags because they are cheaper on the store. The bags are easier to carry than the paper bags of the past. These bags are also ending up in landfills, playgrounds, waterways, and oceans. The bags are bad for the environment.

Customized bags are coming into existence because people are beginning to care about the environment. When going to the grocery store, people are now taking these reusable bags for their groceries. Promotional companies are selling the bags that can be custom produced to meet the needs of many stores. The bags look great with the grocery store’s name printed on the outside of it. Printing the name on these reusable canvas bags gives the grocery store an ongoing advertisement for the store.

Bamboo bags are becoming popular with older individuals, younger people, and beach goers. They are easy to order in bulk so that they can replace the plastic bags that are now in circulation. Bags made from bamboo are economically friendly and nice looking. These bags are interesting and offer design ability. Companies order reusable bags to give out to their employees or their customers. Some grocery stores use these bags as incentives to purchase more groceries. Some stores use these bags for promotional purposes. Ordering these bags for the grocery stores or department stores will drastically cut down on the plastic usage.

Fish are eating up plastic and other trash in the waterways or oceans. The plastic can tangle up on their fins and gills and causes them harm. Birds and sea gulls also end up with plastic tangled in their beaks, around their necks and legs. Unless someone catches these birds, they will eventually die. Keeping our waterways clean is very important to the life of so many mammals, birds, and fish. Using recycled or reusable bags made of canvas, or bamboo can help our environment be cleaner and safer for most wildlife. Help our environment by choosing a reusable bag over a plastic bag.

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